Strategic Economic Consulting

Naroff Economics, LLC is a strategic economic consulting firm. The principal of strategic economic advising is that all organizations must operate, grow and develop new products and markets in the context of changing national and world economies. The approach NEA takes is to advise companies on the risks and opportunities that economic developments may have on the organization’s operating environment. Product demand and market structure, as well as marketing and financial issues are addressed in firm-specific evaluations.

  • Economic analyses on the macroeconomic, regional and industry levels are provided in order to frame the overarching trends facing the company.
  • Long and short-term perspectives are presented in order to determine whether current and future economic trends coincide with the marketing and planning activities of the client.
  • “Futurist” discussions of evolving economic forces and their impact on the business landscape provide the long run planning perspective.

Being successful in a world that is constantly changing is difficult. Naroff Economics, LLC helps you understand the emerging trends so you can make better strategic planning, marketing, product development and financial decisions.

Linking the Economic Environment to Your Business Strategy